Do we bring our four legged baby?

March 09, 2018 0 Comments

Like any good family, we love travelling together on our adventures. However we had a dilemma.......

  1. We could leave Norman behind and pay for him to be boarded with strangers at a doggy hotel......or....
  2. Bring him with us.
It turned out Norman is a real biker dog. He loves being on the back of a motorcycle almost as much as we do! Even out in the twisties, you'll see him standing up with his paws on Sean's back and his ears flapping in the wind.

Nowadays should you be so unfortunate as to let slip the phrase "Would you like to go for a bike ride?" to anyone in the house, be prepared for the flash of fur running around your feet in anticipation. He even makes a habit of running out to the bike and jumping on the seat himself before we even have a chance to move or put on his safety gear.  

It's a hoot riding behind them with my bike. You can always tell when someone has just seen him watching traffic around you from the puzzled head swivels and random laughter.

He made such a scene it wasn't uncommon to have vehicles pacing us to take photos and stops tended to be overran by the social media paparazzi.

The funniest observance has been made crossing the Canadian/US border. The guards are usually so distracted looking at Norman that they rarely ask anything outside of "Anything to declare?". 

Since that first time, we have done quite a few trips with the whole family and we wouldn't have it any other way. 


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