Picking the right bike for you

November 27, 2017 0 Comments


In the motorcycle community, you hear the questions  "What bike should I buy", or "what is a good beginner bike" all of the time. 

Honestly, there is no really easy answer for that one since that completely depends on the individual. There are key things to look for in a bike, that will help you make that decision, and not all bikes will work for all riders. 

Some things to consider: 

Does the bike fit you? 

Since humans come in all shapes, and sizes, finding a bike you are comfortable on is very very important. I will use myself as an example, at 5'8"( which a good height for a girl) I found that I wanted a bike that I could comfortably flat foot on, and be able to see comfortably for longer journeys. The first bike I bought was a 800 Vulcan, which was both comfortable for my height with the handlebars at the perfect angle to be very comfortable. 

Some with that is a bit shorter, might have some some difficulties with the bike being a bit to tall or even have to stretch for the handlebars. Both of these instances can make riding a bit of challenge, and while some modifications could be done, those changes could be expensive. 

Moral of this story, is you need to find a bit that you are comfortable with and I recommend you don't settle for anything less then your comfort. 

While the Bike do what you want it too?

If you are looking for an enjoyable, laid back day of cruising around, you are most likely not going to want a bike that is setup for heigh speeds and possibly uncomfortable  positioning. So you are most likely going to want to look at a sport touring bike or cruiser, for those relaxing day. Just like you wouldn't want a cruiser if you are planning on going to track days. 

So finding a bike that will work for what interests you, is also a great plan (unless you can afford to have multiple bikes, which can be a huge money sink). 

Planning ahead and looking for the bike that will do all you want is better then buying the first bike you can get your hands on and then having to replace it almost right away.

Do you need a power house? 

Is there such a thing as too much bike? Yep there is, but that number also varies from rider to rider, with some more experienced bikers not really having a limit. 

When you are just starting out, getting a smaller bit is not really a bad plan, but every person is different. One person could start riding and buy an 500 CC motorcycle, have no issues with it, and may even want to upgrade it shortly after buying it. The next person may buy a 150 to 250 cc motorcycle and never feel the need to change, because it has all they need. 

For me, I bought that Vulcan I mentioned above and within a few months fell in love with my 1100 CC Vstar Custom. As cruiser, this power upgrade is a bit different then what you would find on a Sportbike, but I was told that the bike would be to much for me and that I should look for something smaller. Two years later and I am the one laughing because I have never had any issues with my baby being too powerful. 

What should you do? 

No one can tell you which bike is absolutely perfect for you, while they can give you recommendations, that is really only something you can decide for yourself.

When you are going to buy a bike you consider those 3 major things above. Are you comfortable? Will it do what you want it to do? Will you keep it longer then 2 months?  The answers are yes, then you may have found a good bike for you :)