Shock and awe - odd perspectives of non-bikers towards lady riders

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For all of you ladies out there that enjoy riding your motorcycles, I am sure you have experienced some interesting perspectives from non riders about your passion for the Ride. 

Like me, you probably feel a mixture of emotions for these often unwanted  perspectives, that we get? 

While I know it can be funny at times, I would like to share some of the experiences I have had on the road and how I handled this unwarranted bias. 

 The Experience, what has happens on the road

 More then once, I have been out enjoying the day, when it happens..

Generally another lady will approach me, and start asking me questions that normally fall in the range of "Is that your bike?" or "You actually ride that bike"

All I can think at hearing these questions is "yep, I am sitting here with a helmet on, straddling this bike, what did you think I was doing?"

After I confirm that yes, I am a girl, yes I own my bike and no my boyfriend is not a around to hold my hand, that generally leads into the more frustrating questions..

"Aren't you afraid you will be hurt?"

"You are being careful, right?" 

At times like this, I kind of feel like banging my head against a wall( gently, since I don't like pain), but I try to be kind with them as they don't really know better. 

It also makes me laugh when I am questioned with such shocked surprise, about if I actually own the bike I ride, since it is not what they would expect of a "lady biker". While I know it is not typical, I am a pretty tall girl, so the 2007 Yamaha Vstar 1100 Custom, was perfect for me.

Why would we put ourselves at so much Risk they might ask? 

If only these ladies knew what it was like to fly down the road at mock 9, letting the warm wind hit you in the face, it is truly glorious. They really don't know that it we get the feeling of absolute freedom on a bike that a cage( car) could never allow for. 

The  sense of respect and freedom when you are flying down the road. One of the really fun parts is getting that first nod from other riders on the road. You know the one, the look that says "love your bike and it is awesome you ride".

Now for everything good, there is always a downside 

Sometimes you encounter the dreaded negative Nancy, those people that give you a look of absolute disapproval on their face. For these individuals, there is no changing their view and I feel pity for them. They will never know the freedom we all feel. 

Another sad thing that happens all of the time is that a lady is created as less than female because obviously if you ride a bike, you are trying to pretend to be a male. It hasn't happened to me personally, but it has really hurt some friends of mine and it really makes you want to jump to their defense :( 

How should you handle these experiences?

My biggest recommendation for Riders and especially lady Riders is to ignore all the non-riders negative opinions, and don't give anyone the power to make you feel that less than you are. All you have to remember is you ride a motorcycle and that automatically makes you 75% cooler than anyone else and you are part of the Bike Life Community! 

I wish everyone a safe and fun spring! 

Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down. 


Amy B - Co Founder

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